Field testing our new 500w scooters!

Yesterday we set out to test our new 500 watt E-Scooters, the Siberia and the Supersled. Here are the results:

Whilst the two new scooters have similar motor sizes, they each have their own unique chararcteristics which may suit them to one particular demographic over another.

We took the scooters around East Perth and Optus Stadium to see how they fared in busy urban environments.

The Siberia is the more modern-looking of the two. It features a glossy grey paint scheme with yellow accents.

The tyres use inner tubes instead of being solid, which does leave you vulnerable to punctures, but makes for a silky smooth ride.

The display on the Siberia is very user-friendly and intuitive to use, and it also links up with your smartphone using our third-party companion app. Read more about how to use the app here.

One of the things that stood out to us about the Siberia was the larger frame and tyres compared to our Mighty 120, which is visually similar. These two features may seem pretty insignificant, but they allow for a much more stable and secure ride.

Once you get used to the front drum brake, you'll be flying through corners and crowded streets!

Overall, this scooter is best suited to savvy commuters who enjoy zipping through the city and the inner suburbs.

We also gave the Supersled a rigorous test last night. And although it may look simple and understated, it is anything but! 

The front and rear suspension make this the perfect scooter for multi-surface and gradient rides. 

We rode it on grass, cobbles, dirt and up steep hills. It chewed through each and kept going for more!

The display can be a little bit tricky to get used to. But you'll be so focussed on enjoying the ride that you won't even care.

We came to the conclusion that the Supersled is the best scooter in our range for explorers and joy-riders. So if you like chasing sunsets, seeing new areas, finding the limits of you vehicle then this one is for you!

If you want to give either model a try, please visit one of our stockists and they'll give you a demo!

Find your nearest stockist here.