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Huski E-Scooters was conceived and founded in Perth, Western Australia.
Transport has always been front of mind for our team. As Perth's cycle and walking paths continue to grow, our road infrastructure is starting to lag behind.
This led us to one simple solution: the E-Scooter. It gets you to work on time, with the added benefit of starting your day outdoors.
There's no requirement to shower down at the end of your commute. Simple scoot in your work clothes! Leverage public transport to travel further on your scooter.
Huski Scooters are faithful, dependable and hard-working. Drop into one of our stockists and try one today!.

- The Team -

Huski E-Scooters


Affordable Shipping

Fast, affordable and reliable shipping on all orders within Australia.


Warranty Policy

Each of our scooters are covered by a 1-year warranty policy.


Repair Support

Our stockists within Perth offer repair and servicing on all of our scooters.